Body Procedures

Body procedures involve reshaping and improving body contour by a combination of removing skin and fat, but also tightening the underlying muscle. The ideal liposuction candidate is someone who has excess fat deposits in areas around the body (neck, arms, waist, thighs, etc) that still remain despite appropriate diet and exercise. The amount of excess skin determines whether additional skin removal may be needed in addition to the liposuction.

The most important factors in obtaining an excellent result depend upon the correct diagnosis of skin, fat, and muscle and the technical precision and ability of the surgeon, underscoring the importance of an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon evaluating and treating the area for body contouring procedures.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove excess fatty deposits in areas of the body that do not respond well to diet and exercise. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. It is popular because it is performed through small incisions that are strategically placed in skin folds or in locations where the resulting scars may be difficult to see. Common areas that respond well to liposuction include the neck, arms, waist, and thighs. The procedure is made possible by a special solution (saline and lidocaine: tumescent) that is injected into the area to numb and prepare the area. The fat is then suctioned out using hollow cannulas of different sizes which are connected to a suction machine.

Dr. Lee uses a combination of Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) and Laser Energy (SLIM Lipo) to remove the fatty deposits in the most efficient way and also to optimize skin retraction and tightening.

Abdominoplasty  (Tummy Tuck)

Abdominoplasty is an extremely gratifying procedure to remove excess skin and fat around the waist and abdominal area. Importantly, it distinguishes itself from liposuction in that the three-dimensional anatomy of the abdominal area is fully treated with tightening of the “six pack muscles” (rectus abdominis) which may have been stretched from pregnancy, in combination with removal of the stretched and excess skin; liposuction is further added to smooth out contours around the waist. Abdominoplasty is generally performed through a low transverse incision (along the bikini line) just above the pubic hairs and curves upward toward the hip bones. After separating the skin and fat from the underlying muscles, the muscle (fascia) is tightened using strong sutures. This flattens the abdomen and decreases the waist circumference. The excess skin and fat below the belly button are then removed and the “new” belly button is brought out to its original position. If the belly button does not have to be moved, a more limited procedure can be performed, called a mini-abdominoplasty.

Key concepts:  Liposuction, Liposculpture, SLIM Lipo,  Laser Liposuction, PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction), Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty, Brachioplasty, Embrace, BioCorneum (Scar cream).

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