Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation

Cosmetic or Aesthetic Breast surgery addresses the shape and form of the breast by augmenting, reducing, or lifting the breast. Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure to enhance the size and shape of the breast by placing a silicone implant in a pocket above or below the chest muscle. Creation of the pocket is the most important portion of the procedure to allow the breast implant to sit in a natural position. The incision may be placed around the nipple or in the breast crease depending on personal aesthetics and potential breast feeding issues.

Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

Breast lift and Breast Reduction use similar principles and incision patterns (Upside T or Lollipop Scars) to reduce/and or lift the breast tissue and nipple. Depending on the size of the breast and symptoms of discomfort, a breast reduction may be covered by insurance. The breast lift can be combination of lift only, or can be performed in conjunction with an implant.

Dr. Lee specializes in breast procedures for both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He has used the Vertical Mammaplasty pattern for over 10 years which avoids the large horizontal scar at the breast crease. His techniques focus on a natural breast lift with special attention to reducing scars and postoperative pain.   Using one’s own fat (fat graft) to the breast is a potential option, but one that must be discussed on an individual basis. Dr. Lee also treats men for a gynecomastia (male breast tissue) and uses a combination of excision and liposuction.  Breast procedures may be done in the office or in the surgery center based upon patient preference and comfort.

Key concepts:  Mammaplasty, subpectoral implants, mastopexy, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, gynecomastia, nipple inversion

Dr. Lee prevented me from experiencing amputation of my foot and leg. Enough said. I’m eternally grateful for his dedication to his craft. He doesn’t just know medicine; he knows people, and he is willing to work towards patients’ goals.

I have worked with Dr. Charles Lee in various capacities and have also become one of his patients. His professionalism, integrity, and eye for esthetics are outstanding. I hold Dr. Lee in the highest regard with in his profession and recommend him to anyone who is in need of reconstructive surgery or considering various cosmetic procedures. I have been fortunate to see the results of his microvascular reconstructive work and his ability to help people regain their lives and functionality are amazing. It is hard to find a plastic surgeon with Dr. Lee’s expertise that maintains his work within the hospital helping patients and focused on providing superior cosmetic results at his office. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to your patients and the community.

Dr. Lee is not only a phenomenal plastic and reconstructive surgeon; he’s also a good personal friend. He is a tremendous asset to St. Mary’s Medical Center, UCSF, and all of his patients at L Plastic Surgery.