Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) and Ear Lobe Surgery

Prominent ears can be the source of social angst particularly for children around 5-7 years of age when they become more aware of their physical characteristics.  Otoplasty is usually recommended for children beyond that age as ear growth is nearly completed and they are psychologically more mature. Otoplasty is performed through an incision in the fold behind the ears where the cartilage and skin is manipulated the set back the ear closer to the scalp.

Ear Lobes can be become misshapen by torn ear rings and piercings. In most cases, Dr. Lee can repair or reconstruct the ear lobe under local anesthesia, using fine sutures and instruments to bring the ear back to as near a normal condition as possible. The complexity of the ear lobe reconstruction is dependent upon the complexity of the deformity.

Awesome. Wonderful. Blepharoplasty surgery turned out great. Still healing. Wonderful job by Dr Lee.

Dr Lee is very informative. He sets the atmosphere at ease and answers to any questions and or concerns. My overall experience at Dr Lee’s office was comfortable and satisfying.

I like my eyelid surgery and it came out perfect.