Face Lift

FaceLift is a procedure to reverse the effects of aging in the most dramatic way—by pulling the skin in the opposite direction of gravity. Facial rejuvenation procedures consider the entire face and its separate areas: the forehead and brow, upper and lower eyelids, cheek, and neck. All of these elements must be addressed to appropriately turn back the clock in a natural, long lasting lift. The Modern Facelift has evolved through many decades of research and development by Plastic Surgeons. The key concepts that must come together for the most advanced facial rejuvenation include the SMAS layer (deep fascia), Skin Lift with the appropriate vector, 3-Dimensional Fat Grafting, and Skin Resurfacing. Facial aging occurs by a combination of gravity, genetics, and skin health. By addressing the appropriate layers of the face, the most natural, long lasting results can be attained. Procedures that are popularized on television and commercials rarely meet the Gold Standards of Plastic Surgeons and prospective patients should beware of the claims, credentials, and techniques that non-plastic surgeons advertise.

Dr. Lee performs Full Face and Mini-Face Lift (MACS) procedures and has been perfecting his techniques for over 10 years.  Most recently, 3-dimensional fat grafting has been added to further rejuvenate the eyes, nasolabial folds, and cheek area. The precision of microplastic surgery allows him to navigate precisely around complex facial anatomy (SMAS, facial nerves and blood vessels) and perform anti-gravity maneuvers for long lasting, natural results. Depending on patient preference and health, he may be able to perform this procedure under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

Dr. Lee is a very gifted and trustworthy surgeon. He is one of the best Plastic Surgeons in San Francisco and one that I recommend often to friends and family. I have worked with the majority of Plastic Surgeons in the Bay Area and Dr. lee is among the elite.

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Lee for a number of years in his pioneering use of our tissue oximetry technology in microsurgery, advancing the state of the art. In addition to his innovative use of the latest technology, he brings extensive experience and technical skill to his surgical practice. He is an outstanding physician, and I highly recommend him.

Dr. Lee is a very talented hand surgeon. He has cared for very complex reconstructive cases with the expertise of a highly trained microsurgeon. He always takes time to access each patient and their individual needs in regards to their rehabilitation. We have enjoyed our working relationship over the years and highly recommend him to people who are in need of his services.