Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a procedure to add additional tissue in areas of the face, breasts, hands, and feet to improve contour and volume. As we age, the subcutaneous tissues become thinner and more hollow and these areas can be treated with fat, which is a more permanent and natural solution than a temporary filler, such as Juvederm.  Fat grafting is a surgical procedure in which fat cells are taken from one area of the body (usually from the abdomen or thigh region) through a delicate liposuction procedure and then re-inserted into sunken or flat areas of the body or face.   The viability of the grafted fat can be somewhat unpredictable and technique dependent; it is expected that some of the transplanted fat will be re-absorbed into the body and may require further fat grafting in stages.

Dr. Lee has performed hundreds of fat grafting procedures to the face, breasts, hands and feet. There is a profound benefit to both form and function of using one own fat to improve these areas. In the face, fat may be used alone or in conjunction with a facelift to naturally rejuvenate key areas; in the hands, fat may improve the appearance the back of the hands to improve contour and youth; in the feet, fat can permanently thicken the ball of the foot to help treat pain and improve padding; in the breast, fat grafting can improve contour and symmetry. The best way to improve fat viability and predictability with fat grafting is to perform the procedure in a delicate and controlled fashion. Dr. Lee has invested in the most advanced equipment to produce the highest quality fat for longevity and predictability.

Key concepts:  Fat grafting, Autologous Fat, Fat Transfer, Fat Harvesting, Cetrifuge, Concentrated Fat, Stem Cells

I had a wonderful experience with Dr Lee and and his staff. They assured my concerns and addressed any worries that I had before surgery. The follow up work was great. They even followed up with phone calls to check on you after your surgery. The other staff are also always courteous and pleasant every time I am there.

Punctual with appointment time. Dr Lee seems to be very good with surgery. I am glad he does not rely on the computer image for outcome of plastic/cosmetic surgery. He’s conservative and he seems to have very good hand skills….Clinic is really clean and very well organized.