Neck Lift

The neck completes the facial rejuvenation process and is treated with the facelift or separately. An aging neck area can be a combination of loose skin, muscle, and excess fat. A small incision under the chin can be used to tighten the neck muscles and remove skin and fat excess. Laser energy can be added to further tighten loose skin or additional lifting of the neck area may require an incision behind the ear depending upon the amount of neck excess. After a neck lift, compression is very important to help with swelling and faster healing for 3-4 weeks to help the tissues remain lifted.

Dr. Lee performs a combination of the skin removal, muscle tightening, and fat removal with the utmost care and cutting edge techniques. His expert evaluation and precision technique lifts and tightens neck wrinkles and tissue. Neck lifting procedures can often be performed in the office under local anesthesia, in combination with a facelift or as a separate procedure.

Dr. Lee was professional. I’m very happy with my result. The staff was friendly and informative.

I read a great review on Dr. Lee & hospital that’s how I got here first. He is nice, very knowledgeable (for sure) and most of all, he knows what’s the best for me. Staff were very nice & made me feel so comfortable. I’m grateful to know Dr. Lee & staff and very satisfied. I don’t think I couldn’t find any better doctor and team. Thank you.

Dr. Lee was fantastic, and his staff were very helpful and knowledgeable about the breast reconstruction type I wanted. Dr. Lee explained all the steps, procedures and what to expect after the surgery. I am so pleased with the outcome of the surgery. I am so glad I had it done with Dr. Lee. One staff member spent many hours to get the insurance company to pay for my surgery. I am so happy she did it!