Rhinoplasty (Nasal Surgery)

Rhinoplasty is a procedure to change the shape of the nose that can be combined to address functional breathing issues. Rhinoplasty requires an in-depth understanding of the 3-dimensional anatomy of the nose that is intertwined with the nasal bones, cartilage, septum, and soft tissues. Nasal contouring can range from simple tip surgery to more complicated bone and cartilage reshaping that can straighten and refine the nose. Breathing issues can be addressed by treating the septum (central cartilage of the nose) and turbinates.

Dr. Lee has treated patients for subtle nasal changes to full reconstructive surgery.   The nose is the center-piece of the face and requires technical precision, planning, and artistry. Dr. Lee specializes in the Open-Rhinoplasty approach (incision at the base of the nose) which allows for the greatest precision and control of the tip cartilage and septum. He will discuss all of the surgical options in rhinoplasty which includes hump reduction, dorsal augmentation, cartilage grafts and septal work to improve form and function of the nose. His “micro plastic” approach and experience allows him to delicately handle the tip and cartilage for stable, precise, and natural results.

Key concepts: rhinoplasty, septoplasty, tip plasty, cartilage grafts, osteotomy, spreader grafts.

Dr. Lee was clear and kind with my son. He was warm to both my husband and I, and the staff has been professional and kind and responsive, which I really appreciate.

Dr. Lee and staff were very professional and knowledgeable. Having surgery can be a scary thing for some people. Dr. Lee took time to explain the surgery as well as address any concerns I had. Dr. Lee and staff are very competent. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Lee and staff were reassuring and accessible. The results of my surgery were great. I’m glad I came to Dr. Lee.

The staff is very accommodating and Dr. Lee is very precise with his work; he is amazing.