Advanced Treatment for Axillary Hyperhidrosis

(Excessive Arm Pit Sweating)

Axillary hyperhidrosis represents very difficult condition for men and women who are placed into social situations or workplace conditions. Current treatment options vary from Botox to using extra strength antiperspirant and deodorant. More permanent solution solutions include thoracic sympathectomy Which is done under general anesthesia by a competent thoracic surgeon.

If the hyperhidrosis extends the full length of the upper extremity from the axilla to the hands, oftentimes the sympathectomy provides the most complete and long-term solution for this condition. If the excessive sweating is confined more to the armpit area or the patient wants to focus on treatment in the axilla, then the latest approach to this treatment includes use of the laser use of the laser to permanently inactivate the sweat glands. Combined with some mild curetting of the subdermal tissue, this can provide an excellent treatment choice for patients.

Using a specific wavelength laser that is directed towards fat and less to water which if it can be heated can cause significant Burns. Concentrating on the fat which is more in line with glandular tissue of the sweat follicles, then 924 nm laser can be used in combination as a local anesthetic procedure that takes less than two hours to treat both axillary regions.

The majority of the experience has come from European surgeons who have been treating patients with this technology for the past 5 to 10 years. More recently with the laser technology more refined, improved results have been described and published in the scientific literature.

I am proud to be working with Dr. Peter Theodore, chief of thoracic surgery at UCSF Medical Center who has developed a hyperhidrosis center where he concentrates on the synth that sympathetic sympathectomy. We are combining our expertise to create a center of excellence for axillary hyperhidrosis where we can provide patients with the option for laser treatment.