Does Asian eyelid surgery cost more than a typical blepharoplasty?

By March 28, 2010 September 12th, 2016 Cosmetic Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery requires significant technical precision, a greater understanding of eyelid anatomy, and an understanding of what constitutes Asian eyelid beauty. These three concepts cannot be over emphacized. Setting the lid and throwing down some sutures to create a fold is not enough. There are extremely important anatomic structures in the Asian eyelid that must be addressed to create the best, most natural outcome. These structures include the orbicularis muscle, the orbital fat, the orbital septum, the levator muscle, and the tarsus. All of these structures work together and need to be precisely addressed. Because of the additional techniques and sutures required to perform Asian eyelid surgery, it will cost more.

Remember: As with most cosmetic surgery, the first chance is your best to have the best result. I do not encourage a “bargain hunting” mentality for plastic surgery as you often “get what you pay for.” It’s not easy to correct someone elses’ mistake on your face or body.