Management of Acute Wounds, Chapter in Clinics in Plastic Surgery, C.Lee, S. Hansen

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This is an article written about the state of art mangement of Wounds. In the US, there are a whole spectrum of wounds from the feet (diabetic foot wounds), age and body impairment (pressure sores/ulcers), burns, cancer (radiation, surgery, breast cancer, skin cancer), infection, and trauma (large bone injuries, hand and facial injuries, etc). As plastic surgeons, we see these types of wounds on a daily basis. Many of these wounds have become complex, chronic wounds where patients have undergone local wound care/dressing changes for many months to years without progress. Most often, patients are frustrated and have been told they will lose their limb or that there are few options available. Plastic surgeons can offer the entire spectrum of wound healing techniques to close the most difficult, complex wounds and to give patients another chance at an improved quality of life.

Management of Acute Wounds .

Clinics in Plastic Surgery , Volume 34 , Issue 4 , Pages 685 – 696
C . Lee , S . Hansen

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The acute wound presents a spectrum of issues that prevent its ultimate closure. These issues include host factors, etiology, anatomic location, timing, and surgical techniques to achieve successful wound closure. Basic surgical principles need to be followed to obtain stable, long-term coverage, ultimately restoring form and function. Recent advances in dressings, debridement techniques, and surgical repertoire allow the modern plastic surgeon to address any wound of any complexity. This article discusses these principles that can be applied to any wound.

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