Most Efficient Procedure Available to Treat Varicose Veins?

By June 6, 2011 September 12th, 2016 Cosmetic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery

A: Efficient treatments include endovenous ablation with laser and radiofrequency, and correct diagnosis
Varicose veins are almost never formed in isolation; there is most often, a deeper, larger, vein that is “incompetent” that connects to the superficial, visible varicose vein.  This incompetent vein is usually the greater or lesser saphenous vein with valves that are not functioning normally.   These root cause veins typically give rise to the varicose veins seen on the surface, and thus, to treat the varicose most effectively, the incompetent saphenous vein needs to be diagnosed first with a duplex ultrasound.  Once identified, the vein can be treated with laser or radiofrequency (EVLT or VNUS), and the microphlebectomies performed at the same time to remove the varicose veins.  This can most often be performed under local anesthesia under 1 hr with the patient able to walk right away.   
These treatments are highly efficient and effective and far less problematic than the old “vein stripping” techniques of the past.