Post Operative Pain After Breast Augmentation

By February 24, 2009 Uncategorized

Pain after breast augmentation can be considerable. The implant can be placed above the muscle or below the muscle, and most often placement below the muscle causes significant pain from the tissue dissection and stretching of the muscle.

I have found that precise tissue handling and creation of a sub muscular pocket leads to significant decrease in pain in the postoperative period. In addition I used antibiotic irrigation with local anesthetic throughout the procedure to further decrease pain. I also use a High Tech pain patch (Actipatch) that merely sits on the skin that further decreases pain. This has been a proven technology for me and has made a big impact for my patients. I do not use the pain pump around the breast tissue and implant as I am concerned about further tracking of bacteria around the implant which may cause infection or capsular contracture.

Since using this combination of postoperative pain management, my last 10 breast augmentation patients have noted a 2 on a pain scale of (1-10). Prior to this it would range from 2 to 7.