Q: Possible levator muscle injury from eyelid surgery?

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A: Levator muscle and repair in upper lid blepharoplasty
You are now 2 weeks out from the surgery and by this time, you eyelids should have accomodated to each other. If you still have signficant ptosis at this point, it is likely that the levator muscle or attachment to the tarsus is not functioning fully and will likely not resolve with further waiting. In other words, the transient effects of medication, brusing, swelling, etc, should have mainly dissipated.

There are a number of possibilities that are causing your eyelid asymmetry at this time, but removing too much fat is likely not one of them. My advice is for your to wait and be patient a while longer (minimum of 3-4 weeks). If you require further treatment, the levator may be explored, tightened, or “advanced.” By this time, you will also see that the scars on the lateral incision will have healed much further.

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