Q: Who is more qualified to do my liposuction: dermatologic surgeon or plastic surgeon?

By June 6, 2011 September 12th, 2016 Become a Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery

A: Plastic Surgery is a 3-Dimensional Specialty

You have asked a loaded question and from your experience, you can see that there are “turf” battles in medicine and surgery. There is no doubt that your board certified plastic surgeon is more qualified to perform your liposuction. Why? Because we know how to operate on the entire human body, from the skeleton, muscle, fat, skin, and just about everything in between. Plastic surgeons can treat the human body as a 3-dimensional structure and dermatologists treat the skin in 2-dimensions. The plastic surgeon has the technical know-how and experience to build the “house” from the ground up, not just “paint” it. Most importantly, it is the plastic surgeon who will know how to “fix” your issues should there be a problem or complication.