Should I get Laser Liposculpting vs. Body Lift?

By June 6, 2011 September 12th, 2016 Cosmetic Surgery

A: Liposuction and Body Lift are not equivalent procedures

It is good that you can ask this question and get a uniform response from a number of board certified plastic surgeons. It is important to remember that Liposuction procedures (Laser or not) are not equivalent to Body Lift/Skin excision procedures. A full evaluation to discuss the pros/cons and the benefits/limitations of each type of procedure will give you the most realistic expectation and best result. Liposuction, whether with Laser or other energy, is for mld to moderate skin laxity, and skin excision procedures (body lift, tummy tuck, etc) are for moderate to severe laxity. A combination of liposuction and skin excision usually gives the best results. Good luck!