More Testimonials

“Nice, professional and informative consultation. Met with several plastic surgeons and Dr. Lee was the only office I didn’t feel rushed, especially considering his no charge initial consultation policy. Left with the definite idea of the results I could expect from the augmentation procedure. Really thrilled with the augmentation and have received only positive feedback.”  — SQ


“I came to L Plastic Surgery for rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery. Everything from the consultation to follow up was very efficient. I had an absolutely great experience with Dr. Lee and his staff. Everyone is extremely friendly and accommodating. I’ve never had such great service from any medical facilities before. You definitely build a great level of comfort here quickly.”  –CS

“Dr. Lee is very intelligent. He makes patient feel comfortable during and after the procedure. For me, before the procedure, I was very nervous and tense but he made sure everything will be fine. That made me felt good and thankful. Now I’m very happy with the results.  Dr. Lee and his staff are overall excellent, friendly and knowledgeable of their work.” — FY

“I have enjoyed a very positive experience. The staff and Dr. Lee are very personal, courteous and helpful. Making sure I was well informed. No questions went unanswered.  Great experience. I felt very comfortable through my entire surgical procedure. I never felt rushed through my pre and post appointments” — AL

“It’s been outstanding! Awesome! From start to finish meeting Dr. Lee for the first time. Showing the images from of patients before and after surgery impressed me. Great skills. Translated fine surgeon.   Staff was also great, thoughtful, and caring. They answered all my personal questions. Pre-op and Post-op instructions were helpful. Procedure copies were helpful.  Keep up the good work!”  — HF

“Dr. Charles K. Lee is the most wonderful doctor I’ve ever met. He explains well what is needed to be done and did it so well;  another surgeon once told me ‘there’s nothing could be done’. His staff are so helpful and assisted me with respect. Dr. Charles K. Lee and his staff are all professional yet friendly that I feel at ease and trust them completely about my well being” –JC

“Dr. Charles Lee accompanied my Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist in providing surgery on my deviated septum. Specifically, he conducted the Rhinoplasty portion, which I understand to be a significantly complex procedure. Upon meeting Dr. Lee, I immediately felt comfortable in his presence, and believed him to be a reputable and quality surgeon. Throughout the process, we had healthy communication, and I even enjoyed joking around with him from time to time (also helping to calm my nerves associated with the procedure). During the recovery process, he demonstrated continued professionalism and a level of compassion that I appreciated when I needed to speak candidly about it. Before receiving the surgery, I had difficulty breathing and suffered from years of sinus infections. –And now, nearly two months afterwards, I can breathe through my nose, and it looks straighter too. He and his staff continue to communicate openly and are responsive to my questions. I’m even interviewing him for my own documentary!  — HG

“I would like to share some thoughts and comments regarding my collaborative experiences with Dr. Charles Lee. I have had the privilege to work with Dr. Lee while employed with two different medical device companies, where he served as a consultant for moving forward strategies during various global and US based focus group panels, as well as serving as faculty for several of my surgeon focused cadaveric programs. In all venues, Dr. Lee has consistently driven proactive efforts to facilitate each of the programs that he has been associated with, while providing full engagement with program development, content and execution, which have result in programs receiving significant accolades. I consider Dr. Lee a friend, mentor and one of my key clinicians as he is very approachable and easy to work with regardless of the scope of work involved or to the capacity in which he is asked to provide guidance. I will continue to look to Dr. Lee whenever opportunities arise where significant impact and results are needed.”  — EF

“Dr. Lee is a fantastic surgeon. I feel fortunate to be one of his patients. Dr. Lee repaired a ligament, a tendon and ulnar nerve in my wrist , and I now enjoy the full use of my hand. As a visual artist, the consequences of my injury would have devastated my craft, and my well being in general. I am now as good as new, and my hand is fully functional. He is the best.   Thank you Dr. Lee!”  — SO

“Dr. Lee is a highly skilled surgeon who pays exceeding attention to every detail, while providing personable service and a great experience. He provided me with amazing cosmetic results beyond my expectations. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”  – JK

“Dr. Lee is a very gifted and trustworthy surgeon. He is one of the best Plastic Surgeons in San Francisco and one that I recommend often to friends and family. I have worked with the majority of Plastic Surgeons in the Bay Area and Dr. lee is among the elite.” — JG

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Lee for a number of years in his pioneering use of our tissue oximetry technology in microsurgery, advancing the state of the art. In addition to his innovative use of the latest technology, he brings extensive experience and technical skill to his surgical practice. He is an outstanding physician, and I highly recommend him. – BL

“Dr. Lee is a very talented hand surgeon. He has cared for very complex reconstructive cases with the expertise of a highly trained microsurgeon. He always takes time to access each patient and their individual needs in regards to their rehabilitation. We have enjoyed our working relationship over the years and highly recommend him to people who are in need of his services”– MG

“Dr. Lee prevented me from experiencing amputation of my foot and leg. Enough said. I’m eternally grateful for his dedication to his craft. He doesn’t just know medicine; he knows people, and he is willing to work towards patients’ goals.”  — VS

“I have worked with Dr. Charles Lee in various capacities and have also become one of his patients. His professionalism, integrity, and eye for esthetics are outstanding. I hold Dr. Lee in the highest regard with in his profession and recommend him to anyone who is in need of reconstructive surgery or considering various cosmetic procedures. I have been fortunate to see the results of his microvascular reconstructive work and his ability to help people regain their lives and functionality are amazing. It is hard to find a plastic surgeon with Dr. Lee’s expertise that maintains his work within the hospital helping patients and focused on providing superior cosmetic results at his office. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to your patients and the community.”  –CC

“Dr. Lee is not only a phenomenal plastic and reconstructive surgeon; he’s also a good personal friend. He is a tremendous asset to St. Mary’s Medical Center, UCSF, and all of his patients at L Plastic Surgery.”–BS

“Dr. Lee and staff were very professional and knowledgeable.  Having surgery can be a scary thing for some people.  Dr. Lee took time to explain the surgery as well as address any concerns I had.  Dr. Lee and staff are very competent.  Throughout the entire process, Dr. Lee and staff were reassuring and accessible.  The results of my surgery were great.  I’m glad I came to Dr. Lee.”  EK