Use of High Tech in Postoperative Swelling and Pain

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Postoperative pain and swelling are common issues after many surgical procedures. Breast augmentation with implants placed under the muscle (pectoralis) can have a painful recovery period. I have been using several modalities for pain management in breast augmentation surgery:

1. Precise surgical technique–atraumatic techniques leads to less tissue damage and less subsequent pain
2. Intraoperative irrigation with anesthetics
3. ActiPatch

Since combining the irrigation with the Actipatch, I have had a dramatic decrease in pain after breast augmentation. This study that is cited lends more scientific credence to the use of Actipatch in the postoperative period.

Leading Plastic Surgeons and Physicians Comment on ActiPatch Breast Augmentation Study

Clinical Study Data a Major Event for the Company – Company Expecting Record Revenues over Coming Quarters

FREDERICK, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BioElectronics Corp. (Pink Sheets:BIEL), the maker of ActiPatch™, the drug free anti-inflammatory patch, with an embedded battery operated microchip delivering continuous pulse therapy that revolutionizes the way people heal, today released comments by leading plastic surgeons and physicians relative to the recently announced clinical study showing the high efficacy of ActiPatch in reducing post-breast augmentation pain and discomfort. Details of the study can be seen at

Regarding the study, Andrew Whelan, CEO of BioElectronics Corp., commented, “We have received some very positive reactions from leading plastic surgeons and physicians on the recent clinical study on post-breast augmentation pain reduction showing that 73% of studied breast augmentation patients reported less pain and uncomfortably with ActiPatch. We have included a few of these comments below as we believe such excitement is indicative of the positive momentum we are building in the marketplace for the ActiPatch product line. We will be releasing additional data on other clinical studies very soon, which we believe will further advance us toward additional FDA indications for use. We are expecting record revenues over the coming quarters as the momentum behind ActiPatch continues to build. It is clearly an exciting time for all of us at the BioElectronics.”

“ActiPatch demonstrated less pain within the first few days after surgery and provides a simple, low-cost method for delivery of pulsed electromagnetic therapy.” – Barry Eppley, MD, FACS
“Thank you for demonstrating what many of us have already observed anecdotally. I cover call for a number of physicians and clearly receive more calls from other practices than my own. I think ActiPatch is the difference.” – David Whiteman MD, FRCS
“This is very encouraging data from Dr. Eppley and he is to be congratulated for doing the study – This therapy lowers major barriers for patients considering plastic surgery by reducing the long recovery time caused by the swelling, pain, and bruising of the incision and surgical dissection.” – Brian M. Kinney MD, FACS, MSME

“I have been using ActiPatch on my patients for a variety of plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty. The reduction in soft tissue swelling and pain is impressive. It is good to see these studies confirming what I have experienced with my own patient population. Further quantification and validation will be necessary in the future.” Charles K. Lee, MD, FACS

“It is exciting to see this very positive clinical data on the use of ActiPatch for breast augmentation recovery. I have been using ActiPatch in my practice for quite some time and found it to be highly effective in reducing pain and speeding recovery.” – Sheena Kong, MD
“I too am impressed and most grateful for the study. These data demonstrate not only the ability of ActiPatch to reduce swelling but offer further confirmation of pain reduction with timely and appropriate application. This is very positive news for ActiPatch and BioElectronics, Corp.” – Lawrence Michaelis, MD, FACS
“Many medical professionals are starting to investigate the use of ActiPatch for the treatment of a variety of conditions, but there has been little clinical data until now. We are also conducting clinical trials and have assembled a team to investigate the use of ActiPatch for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, a condition that affects tens of millions of people throughout the world. We look forward to providing this real world clinical data to our colleagues.” – David G. Genecov, MD, FACS, FAAP

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