Charles K. Lee, MD, FACS

plastic and reconstructive surgery | form & function

We are a boutique plastic surgery practice offering expert services through a complete spectrum of plastic surgery procedures from aesthetic surgery, to skin care, to reconstructive microsurgery. We are committed to your individualized requirements with an emphasis on understanding and listening to your specific needs and realizing your goals. 


The ultimate goal of Plastic Surgery is the creation of form and function in the pursuit of aesthetic ideals. Accomplishing this requires the technical skills, the vision, and understanding of the individual needs of the patient combined with compassion and a relentless pursuit of perfection.  Plastic Surgery is more than “skin deep.” It starts from the skeleton to the skin and keeps in mind movement and sensation. Plastic Surgery is the specialty that allows us to rebuild and rejuvenate the human body from the ground up with safe techniques and lasting results.

“It is my goal to share my passion and deep commitment to your health and well being through this most exciting and challenging specialty that is plastic and reconstructive plastic surgery.”

– Dr. Charles Lee

Great! Dr. Lee was very professional and understood my expectations. The staff was very pleasant and Dr. Lee is a genius.

My experience at L Plastic Surgery has been fun and comforting. I always leave looking like a star. I enjoy the length of time they spend explaining treatment and procedures. I am always welcomed with warmth and love.

Excellent, very professional. Very happy and satisfied.

cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures that can reshape and rejuvenate structures of the face and body. As a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lee specializes in procedures to enhance the eyes, nose, face, breast, and full body using the latest techniques. His unique “micro-plastic” approach  and finesse allows for more delicate techniques that result in greater precision and healing with a focus on optimal results with decreased pain and faster recovery.


Microsurgery is the most advanced form of plastic surgery. It allows the surgeon to precisely replace and transplant tissues, rebuilding the human body that may have been devastated by cancer, infection, trauma, or radiation. Technical perfection, combined with years of training with specialized instruments and magnification, allows delicate blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatics to be reconnected. Dr. Charles Lee is an internationally recognized expert in the application of these techniques for reconstructive surgery as well as cosmetic surgery.

reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery is the basic foundation upon which all plastic surgical procedures are based. It involves rebuilding and reconstructing body structures that have been affected by cancer, trauma, infection, and time. Reconstructive surgery is needed to improve form and function of the human body addressing its full anatomy from the skin, fat, muscle, nerves and blood vessels, tendon and bone. Dr. Lee’s ability to reconstruct the face and body as a three-dimensional structure, not simply as a two-dimensional sheet of skin, leads to excellent, long lasting, and predictable results.