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By Charles K Lee, MD

"Beauty made by science and art."


Charles K Lee

MD, Board Certified

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

"My greatest reward is in seeing my happy patients who can’t stop smiling at their follow up appointment!"

San Francisco, CA board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Charles K. Lee has been serving the Bay Area since 2003. At L Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lee's outstanding patient care, transformative results, and innovative surgical techniques have made him the recipient of numerous awards both local and national. Dr. Lee has been featured on television shows and teaching videos. He has also presented and published papers internationally on topics in plastic surgery and microsurgery. He sits on the clinical advisory board of several major medical corporations because of his expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Patients have come from as far away as Hawaii, New York, Europe, and Asia to seek his expertise. It is Dr. Lee's goal to share his passion and deep commitment to your health and well-being through plastic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

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"When you want work done to your body or face, you want to make sure you go to the right doctor. It took me years to finally choose one and I'm so glad I chose Dr. Lee. He is an amazing surgeon and I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants any procedures done. It's been 5 weeks since I got breast augmentation and they're healing very well. The scars are very light and will get even lighter after time. He will give you his honest opinion about your suggestions and will make you look very natural. Most doctors just want your money and do whatever you want, but Dr. Lee cares about his reputation and that's why he gets so many referrals. I have a ton of friends who are going to him after seeing my breasts. I absolutely love them :)"



"365CC naturelle implants, under the muscle - Stats:5'2135lbs34D (deflated)1 child/2 years of breastfeeding I have been going back and forth about getting my boobs lifted for years now! When I was younger I wanted to get a breast reduction, but never had the courage to do so. After having a child, increased back pain and neck pain from saggy breasts- I finally made the decision to get them done! I had a FANTASTIC CONSULT with Dr. Lee, he did my lipo and it came out so well, I definitely was going to do everything with him. He is very honest and very calming. His staff is just a amazing and I love the ambiance in his office! He seriously is very caring and great. I work in healthcare, so I know the variations of doctors and bedside manner. I chose 365CC naturelle implants, under the muscle. Today is post op day 1, no major pain- slightly more sore on the left side. I have full mobility of my arms (surprisingly) but do have to hold my boobs while going to the bathroom. I'm excited for the days to come- will post pics to show outcome, but GO TO DR LEE!! You will be sooo happy!!!"



"선생님께서 친절 하세요. 무엇보다 수술 실력은 👍👍👍👍👍 물론 가격은 한국이 더 착하지만,물가 비싸디 비싼 샌프란에서 이정도면 Ok. 😄 새로 이사한 건물도 완전 깔끔하고!!! 요기 간호사 선생님 너무 친절❤🧡 샌프란에서 성형 수술은 이경철 선생님~~이에요."



"Liposuction and skin tightening laser - I am 5'2, 135lbs- didn't have much fat in my stomach, to begin with, but it was always my troubled area. I had a daughter and when I bent over, you could see the little area of loose skin. I am scheduled for a BA with Dr. Charles Lee in SF- so I mentioned that I wanted this area to be changed too. He was sooooo gracious and totally understood what I wanted. He also was very kind in telling me that my abs were pretty tight ( I have been working on my core for so long) and that there wasn't much fat there. Altogether, we agreed that the skin could be tighter with an epidermal laser and lipo to take out some of the problem areas.I'm so sorry I don't have a picture of my stomach prior to this laser, life has been so chaotic I just didn't think of it. This is a picture of me- post OP day 1. "



"Had my first tattoo removal appointment. Staff was very friendly and explained everything making me feel more comfortable with the procedure."




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