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By Charles K Lee, MD

"Science, art, and technology are the unrelenting beacons for our every move."


Charles K Lee

MD, Board Certified

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

"My great reward is in seeing my happy patients who can’t stop smiling at their follow up appointment!"

San Francisco, CA board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Charles K. Lee has been serving the Bay Area since 2003. At L Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lee's outstanding patient care, transformative results, and innovative surgical techniques have made him the recipient of numerous awards both local and national. Dr. Lee has been featured on television shows and teaching videos. He has also presented and published papers internationally on topics in plastic surgery and microsurgery. He sits on the clinical advisory board of several major medical corporations because of his expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Patients have come from as far away as Hawaii, New York, Europe, and Asia to seek his expertise. It is Dr. Lee's goal to share his passion and deep commitment to your health and well-being through plastic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

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"Feeling More Refreshed and Youthful After Facelift - I have been considering a face lift surgery for a couple of years now as a retirement gift to myself. Working long hours and not having enough time for myself for the past few decades have aged my face to a point where I felt and looked older than my actual age. I was recommended to Dr. Lee by a good family friend who just had the upper blepharoplasty by him and the results were naturally amazing. I went in for a consultation to discuss the process of getting a facelift and after seeing before and after pictures I was all in! Dr. Lee was very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. The ladies that work with him are also very friendly and guided me the whole way. I had the MACS Facelift with Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty in November 2019 and the results are remarkable. I honestly can say that because Dr. Lee and his staff were so attentive and informative, it made the recovery process so much easier. Every question I had was answered in a timely manner regardless of how trivial I thought my question was. Dr. Lee is highly skilled and I recommend for everyone to see him! Now I’m just waiting for COVID to be over so I can travel and enjoy retirement and my new found youth."



"Highly Recommend! - I wanted to get double eyelid surgery since I was young but never knew what the process was like or which surgeon to pick. None of my friends had the procedure done so I had to base my decision on online reviews. After spending months researching, I picked Dr. Lee because he had the best reviews and seemed the most competent during the consultation, and I’m so glad I did! The entire process went very smoothly, from the consultation, surgery itself, and follow ups. During the consultation, Dr. Lee took the time to understand exactly what I wanted my eyelids to look like. He and his staff clearly explained what I would expect during and after surgery, as well as how to take care of my eyelids. He also met with me at various stages post-surgery to make sure my eyelids were healing properly. As a result, I experienced minimal discomfort during recovery and am very happy with my results— my eyelids look very natural, just how I wanted them to be! Dr. Lee and his staff are professional, competent, and reassuring, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!"



"Been shopping around for quite a while to look into getting an old tattoo removed. Spoke with a few places and decided to go with L Plastic Surgery as they are honest and realistic about how they treat these tattoos along with the cost behind it.  After my consultation, which was free. I made an appointment to get the process started. The pain was not as bad as most people tend to describe it for myself at least. Definitely would recommend anyone looking into getting a tattoo removed to come here. Will be going to my second session this week."



"Amazing bedside manor and staff was just as kind. I was very nervous and Dr. Lee was so comforting. He heard my concerns since this was a revision and was very communicative. When I woke up from surgery he was right there and extremely empathetic. Lastly, I love my breast implant/lift. I would go to no one else. Did I mention he was referred to me. Thank you Dr. Lee and staff!!!"



"Experienced and professional - I am so pleased with my results! - I am so pleased with my results! I had Botox in my brow/crows feet area which turned out amazing, no bruising. I had a lift and implants placed 5 months ago and they look amazing! Highly recommend."




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