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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nose surgery, can change the appearance of your nose or improve your breathing functionality. At L Plastic Surgery in San Francisco, CA, rhinoplasty is performed by our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Charles K. Lee. He has a subtle surgical approach to nose surgery that allows for the most natural results. While rhinoplasty consists of slight changes, your results can be impressively dramatic. Cosmetic nose surgery can be performed to make a nose look more aesthetically pleasing. Rhinoplasty can help nasal breathing issues by addressing a deviated septum (central cartilage of the nose) and/ or turbinates. The objective is to produce a more aesthetically pleasing nose that meets your cosmetic desires and functions as it should. Learn more about rhinoplasty and then contact L Plastic Surgery to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Dr. Lee has an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the nose (inside and out) and he has the skills needed to deliver the results you want — the artistry and technical experience. Dr. Lee is known for his specialization in the open-rhinoplasty approach that gives him the most control of the tip cartilage and septum to make precise adjustments. His microsurgical background and experience allow Dr. Lee to delicately perform your cosmetic surgery or nose reconstruction. In your one-on-one consultation, he will discuss all of the surgical options available to you. We look forward to hearing from you and setting up an appointment to meet with Dr. Lee. Call today.

Can I have nose surgery?

Adults and teenagers over the age of 16 are candidates for rhinoplasty. If you find yourself frustrated with the appearance of your nose and have distinct issues you would like to enhance or repair, this surgery may be the recommended answer. At L Plastic Surgery, we ask that you have realistic expectations as to how your nose and facial profile can be altered. This will be addressed during your consultation.

If you do not wish to change how your nose looks, Dr. Lee also performs functional rhinoplasty just to improve breathing. This type of nose surgery would involve the septum and turbinates. If you have an obstructed airway internally or externally, Dr. Lee can consult with you about that, too. When needed, Dr. Lee can refer you to Dr. Gary Rust who is an ear, nose, and throat surgeon in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Lee and Dr. Rust work in tandem during functional rhinoplasties to offer patients the best of the form and function of plastic surgery.

Dr. Lee's Surgical Technique

Cosmetic nose surgery is performed with the patient under general anesthesia and is in most cases an outpatient procedure. There are various surgical methods depending on your aesthetic goals and concerns. Dr. Lee performs nose surgery with either an open or closed technique. The objective during surgery is to reduce excess bone, cartilage, and tissue, or to improve and add cartilage if necessary for reconstruction. The nasal features are repositioned and the skin is re-draped over the newly structured framework. Stitches are positioned either on the inside portion of the nose or along the natural external crease.

Your Rhinoplasty Recovery

Following your nose surgery, you will rest comfortably in the recovery room until Dr. Lee releases you to recover at home. Your nose will be bruised and swollen for a few days. In almost all patients, there is some discoloration beneath the eyes as well. Ice packs and pain medication can ease these effects. Your post-op check-up with Dr. Lee will take place within a day or so after surgery to assess your healing progress. On average, it takes around 2 – 4 weeks to recover from rhinoplasty. During this timeframe, strenuous activity or exercise should be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there nonsurgical options to change my nose?
To smooth lumps and bumps on your nose, a wrinkle filler (like Juvéderm) may be an option. An injectable filler can temporarily improve minor imperfections on your nose, which might help you decide to get a rhinoplasty. Nose surgery is better for larger changes, long-lasting results, and to improve the internal structure of the nose for better function. At your consultation, Dr. Lee will let you know if you may be a candidate for nonsurgical nose reshaping.

What about ethnic rhinoplasty?
Ethnic rhinoplasty focuses on improving the nose while still maintaining the look you were born to have for your nose. During your consultation with Dr. Lee, you can discuss what you want to keep and what you want to change. This will allow Dr. Lee to customize your treatment plan to give you natural-looking, authentic results.

Can I combine nose surgery with other facial surgeries?
Many patients consider combining rhinoplasty with other procedures, like a chin or cheek augmentation. Combining surgeries can be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Lee. Once he understands your concerns and goals, he can help you decide what to do next. Nose reshaping surgery can often help make your whole face look more balanced, so you should wait to see your results before considering another procedure.

Consult With Dr. Lee

Nose surgery is a great option to address the displeasure you may experience when looking at your facial profile or if you have breathing issues. Nose surgery is a popular procedure with very high success rates. Dr. Lee will reshape your nose so your entire face appears more proportionate and attractive. Even minor adjustments can lead to a huge difference. We encourage you to get in touch with L Plastic Surgery in San Francisco, CA and make an appointment.

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