Information About Plastic Surgery Procedures

Reconstructive surgery is the foundation upon which all plastic surgery techniques are based upon.   Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Charles K. Lee shares his passion for reconstructive plastic surgery with his patients at L Plastic Surgery.    Dr. Lee  performs reconstructive surgery using microsurgery for perforator flaps, free flaps, designer flaps, and peripheral nerve surgery.  Dr. Lee is an internationally recognized micro-surgeon for rebuilding and reconstructing the body for patients affected by cancer, trauma, and infection. 

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Upper eyelid surgery is an excess skin removal procedure to alleviate moderate-to-severe ptosis for aesthetics or chronically obstructed vision.

An Asian eyelid surgery, also known as double eyelid surgery, combines microsurgery and the understanding of Asian beauty to create natural results.

Get rid of heavy undereye bags and unflattering dark circles with lower eyelid surgery (lower lid blepharoplasty) by Dr. Lee at L Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Lee performs full or mini facelifts with precision using microsurgical techniques to reposition the facial skin into a higher place on your face.

With a neck lift, you'll have a rejuvenating surgery to remove loose skin and tighten the muscles of the neck. Some patients also opt for liposuction.

Rhinoplasty, also known as cosmetic nose surgery, can address both the aesthetic form and breathing functionality of an obstructed airway in the nose.

We offer two types of ear surgeries at L Plastic Surgery: otoplasty (ear pinning) or earlobe repair to amend congenital deformities or earlobe tears.

Face fat removal is a surgical procedure offered for patients who have excessive cheek fat that is disproportionate to the rest of the facial profile.

Naturally rejuvenate key areas of your facial features with facial fat grafts for age-related volume loss and wrinkles with your own harvested fat.

Dr. Lee has a variety of breast augmentation options with breast implants or autologous tissue flaps to create an aesthetically pleasing bustline.

A breast lift at L Plastic Surgery reduces the excess skin that has lost its elasticity and elevates the nipple/areola complex into a higher position.

Living with unwanted excess skin on your midsection? Consider having a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) to tighten up the skin and muscles in your abdomen.

Dr. Lee can provide you with diagnostic ultrasounds and effective therapeutic options for varicose veins, which may include laser vein treatments.

Liposuction is an excellent cosmetic procedure to remove fat for men and women with stubborn body fat (even when diet and exercise are on point).

We offer breast cancer survivors and women with a recent breast cancer diagnosis reconstructive breast surgeries by Dr. Lee in San Francisco, CA.

Dr. Lee performs reconstructive phalloplasty for gender affirmation surgery using the radial forearm flap or ALT flap with the Crane Center.

Dr. Lee is an experienced hand and nerve microsurgeon who has treated prominent Bay Area athletes, musicians, artists, mechanics, and professionals.

Ask about our BOTOX injections if you would like to learn more about wrinkle reduction around the forehead, eyebrows, and Crow's feet without surgery.

Give your facial features, such as gaunt cheeks or shapeless lips, more volume with JUVÉDERM dermal filler injections for full facial rejuvenation.

Thinking about having a laser or nonsurgical treatment? We offer Spectra, Clarity, and Ultherapy laser sessions at L Plastic Surgery in San Francisco.