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Dr. Charles Lee of L Plastic Surgery shares all the latest trends in the industry,

Why Board Certification Matters When Finding the Right Doctor

Dr. Charles Lee | 11/01/2023

Board certification is essential for your aesthetic procedures. Not all doctors have the expertise needed to give the results you desire!


Recognizing and Managing Infections in Rhinoplasty Implant

Dr. Charles Lee | 10/19/2023

Detect and address infections in nose implants for successful rhinoplasty. Prompt action is crucial for your health.


Rediscover your youth with a Facelift

Dr. Charles Lee | 10/18/2023

Facelift surgery restores youthful vitality by tightening facial muscles, trimming excess skin, and using advanced techniques for natural beauty.


Moshika's Newest False Lashes

Dr. Charles Lee | 10/17/2023

The newest lash technology to compliment your eyes and bring about a brighter version of you!


What the Right Plastic Surgeon should know about Asian Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Charles Lee | 10/04/2023

Regardless of the technique, we would want the procedure to last your lifetime, but it does not always hold true because of aging.


Discover the Magic of Blepharoplasty!

Dr. Charles Lee | 10/03/2023

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that can rejuvenate your appearance.


How Do I Know When I Have An Infected Nasal Implant?

Dr. Charles Lee | 03/25/2016

Silicone, gortex implants are very common for augmentation rhinoplasty. A small percentage of these will become infected over time.


DIEP Flap Connected To Internal Thoracic Artery via Microsurgical Anastomosis

Dr. Charles Lee | 01/25/2015

This image shows the DIEP flap connected to the chest blood vessels (internal thoracic artery and vein).


Being A Plastic Surgeon Requires A Lot of Explaining

Dr. Charles Lee | 01/20/2015

Please understand that plastic surgery is so much more than “cosmetic or aesthetic” surgery.


The Pedicled TRAM Flap for Breast Reconstruction:

Dr. Charles Lee | 01/05/2015

The TRAM (Transverse Rectus Abdominis Muscle) flap procedure requires taking the entire Rectus Muscle to reconstruct the breast.


Exparel Postoperative Pain Management After Breast Augmentation & Ab Surgery

Dr. Charles Lee | 12/27/2014

The past decade has brought major treatment advances in breast reconstruction surgery.


Infected Mesh Is An Infected Implant — It Must Be Removed

Dr. Charles Lee | 05/27/2014

Prosthetic mesh is often used in hernia repair surgery, with over 20 million such procedures done annually around the world.


Where Can Lymph Nodes Be Taken For A Transplant For Lymphedema Surgery?

Dr. Charles Lee | 01/23/2014

There are several accessible areas around the body where lymph nodes may be harvested.


Angelina Jolie, Mastectomy, And Her Breast Cancer Treatment

Dr. Charles Lee | 05/15/2013

I applaud Angelina Jolie’s candid approach to her recent treatment for breast cancer.


Are You Goal Oriented?

Dr. Charles Lee | 05/15/2013

I would encourage any of you seeking a career in surgery to set extremely high goals for yourself.


Expertise In Asian Eyelid Blepharoplasty 2013, San Francisco

Dr. Charles Lee | 02/17/2013

Upper lid blepharoplasty is the most common plastic surgery procedure in Asia and has consistently maintained its position over past three decades.


Advanced Treatment for Lymphedema of the Arm and Leg

Dr. Charles Lee | 10/20/2012

Lymphedema is a very difficult condition to treat and many patients are told that they must suffer with lifelong pain and swelling.


Use Of Exparel In Breast Reconstruction Patients

Dr. Charles Lee | 06/30/2012

Exparel is a high-tech new form of a commonly used local anesthetic (bupivacaine/marcine).


Q: Yoga Restrictions After Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Charles Lee | 06/06/2011

All tissues require at least 6 weeks of healing time to reach maximal strength so that you can practice your yoga.


Slim Lipo Vs. Smart Lipo: Which Is Best?

Dr. Charles Lee | 06/06/2011

Both SLIM and Smart Lipo is a form of laser lipolysis that will help in removing fat and tightening skin.