Are You Goal Oriented?

Are You A Goal Oriented Person?

If you are reading this blog, I’ll have to assume that the answer is yes. And with that yes I would say that you are not only goal-oriented, but that your goals are set very high. I would encourage any of you seeking a career in surgery to set extremely high goals for yourself. Never be satisfied with the status quo. If you aim high enough, you may actually achieve something quite significant, even if it is not that exact goal. There should be no day that passes by where you did something that you could not have done better.

One of the beauties of plastic surgery is that there is an immediate result. There’s an immediate satisfaction of the work that you have done as a surgical artist. To that end, I am never satisfied with the result at hand, and I always wonder what other ways I could have gotten this result even better! If you read the biographies of successful people, I believe many of them live by two strong principles.

#1. They set very high goals.

#2. They are not afraid of failure.

There are bound to be some failures that seem to be a roadblock to success. It is this ability to take on challenges, learn from mistakes, to always reach higher, that will set you in the right direction to success!