What the Right Plastic Surgeon should know about Asian Eyelid Surgery

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When considering Asian eyelid surgery for double eyelids, it's crucial to understand the two primary techniques available: incisional and non-incisional methods. Your choice can significantly impact the permanence of your results, helping you bid farewell to excess skin folds, droopy eyes, and that sleepy eye appearance.

 The "Gold Standard" Incisional Method

The incisional method is considered the "gold standard" for Asian eyelid surgery. Why? Because it grants your surgeon full control and access to crucial anatomical structures like the levator, tarsus, and orbicularis muscles. This precise access enables them to place sutures with unparalleled accuracy, making it the most effective and long-lasting approach to create the coveted double eyelid fold.

With the incisional method, your surgeon can also address issues like ptosis and perform necessary skin and fat excisions. This comprehensive approach ensures that your double eyelids remain beautifully defined for years to come.

Non-Incision/Minimal Incision Method

The non-incisional or minimal incision method offers a different approach to Asian eyelid surgery. It sacrifices some degree of surgical exposure and introduces minor scarring in exchange for a quicker recovery time and minimal scarring.

While this method may suffice for certain individuals, it's essential to note that it doesn't provide the same level of access as the incisional technique. In cases where issues with excess skin, fat, or levator function need addressing, the non-incisional method may not be the best choice for achieving the desired results.

Expertise Matters

Embarking on the journey of Asian eyelid surgery is a significant decision that can transform your appearance. To ensure a successful outcome, it's crucial to consult with a plastic surgeon who possesses substantial expertise in Asian eyelid surgery. Their experience will guide you toward the right technique for your unique needs, helping you achieve beautiful double eyelids that stand the test of time.