How Long Do Double Eyelid Surgery Results Last?

A: It depends on technique and expertise

This is a very good question as it means you probably already know the 2 main types of surgery for the “double eyelid” procedure. Regardless of technique, we would want the procedure to last your lifetime, but this does not always hold true as we cannot stop the aging process or external events outside our control.

The incisional method is still the “gold standard” as it allows the surgeon to have full control and access to the anatomy (levator, tarsus, orbicularis, etc) to precisely place sutures. It allows the surgeon to address any ptosis and any needed skin and/or fat excision. It is the most “permanent” way to create the fold.

The non-incision/minimal incision method does not allow the surgeon to have access in the same way. The procedure is designed to “trade” the scar and exposure for slightly faster recovery and minimal scar. In certain individuals, this procedure is adequate; but in others, skin, fat, levator, etc need to be addressed and the non incision method may not even be the right option for you.

It is important to see a plastic surgeon with significant expertise in Asian eyelid surgery before you embark on this face-altering path.