SLIM Lipo — Laser Liposuction — VS SmartLipo

About the Technology: There has been a lot of media attention on “fat melting” with lasers. SmartLipo has popularized this with a major marketing campaign. Slim Lipo is the next generation of laser assisted liposuction and reprents the state of art in laser liposuction. SLIM stands for “Specific Laser Induced Melting.” The technology is based upon almost a decade of research identify the correct laser wavelength that specifically melts fat. SLIMLipo is 3-5 times more effective in melting and removing fat than Smart Lipo and CoolLipo. Smart Lipo uses a 1064 nm wavelength platform that is non-specific for fat. Smart Lipo simply heats water and increases the temperature until the fat cell bursts. The SlimLipo laser also has a 924/975 combination laser treatment that helps tighten skin during liposuction.

Important Considerations: Just because a physcian uses a laser with liposuction does not mean that s/he is actually qualified to perform liposuction. Remember, the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon is the most important factor in achieving a good result. In fact, many nonsurgeons (family practice, internal medicine, etc) have bought this machine for their practice and have called themselves “lipo experts.” Please check for their Board certification in Plastic Surgery (American Board of Plastic Surgery) prior to embarking on a life altering procedure.

Advantages of SLIMLipo: Slim Lipo not only melts the fat but also tightens the collagen fibers and tightens the skin. Slim Lipo uses a thin fiber-optic wand that is flexible and emits a wider area of laser energy to the tissues. SLIMlipo will melt the fat at lower energy levels and is a safer modality than super heating water, which can cause signficant burns. Using Slim Lipo and specficially melting the fat, the fat can easily be suctioned. The SLIM procedure is much less traumatic, less bruising, less swelling and there is considerably less discomfort than traditional liposuction. 95% of my patients undergo the SLIMlipo procedure under local anesthesia. This creates a much safer environment in preventing blood clots and other possible anesthesia complications. I will use the SLIMlipo laser in the operating in conjunction with a larger procedure (Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck) to address areas around the hip and waist that need more skin tightening.

The SLIMlipo Laser represents the best that technology has to offer. I encourage you to come see for youself with “Before & After Photos” of the results with the SLIMLipo laser. This is a technology I have chosen as an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon who cares about your safety and excellent results.