Slim Lipo Vs. Smart Lipo: Which Is Best?

A: SLIM Lipo is highly effective

Both SLIM and Smart Lipo is a form of laser lipolysis that will help in removing fat and tightening skin. I chose SLIM Lipo for a number of reasons for my patients: #1. Energy (in the form of laser) is helpful in lipoolysis and for skin tightening. This energy is better than having no energy, ie, liposuction alone #2. SLIM lipo has advantages with 2 laser wavelengths, one that is specific for fat and another more for skin tightening #3. SLIM lipo hasa higher tech, flexible tip that is better for Liposculpting and “safer” for corners and curves. Put all of this technology in the skilled hands of a board certified plastic surgeon, and you can get all the advantages that the laser can offer (skin tightening, faster recovery, laser lipolysis, etc) combined with excellent surgical techniques, results, safety.

The right technology in the right hands can provide even better results. The right technology in the wrong hands becomes a marketing gimmick. I recommend that you check the true credentials of the physicians performing “Smart” lipo; oftentimes, they are not plastic surgeons, and many times, they are not even surgeons at all. Developing hand eye coordination and the “touch and feel” for tissues does not happen in a weekend course offered by the laser company. Plastic surgeons train in surgery for 6-8 years, develop extreme technical skills and finesse, and understand 3-Dimensional surgical anatomy. Training alone does not guarantee success, but provides the best foundation and possibility for the best results.