The Team Approach to Surgery of the Nose

Dr. Charles K. Lee and Dr. Gary A. Rust (ENT Surgeon) work together to perform complex nasal surgeries. Often, when the nose has both a functional (breathing) problem as well as an aesthetic (cosmetic) deformity, the surgeons combine their talents and experience in improving the entire nose.

The nose has 5 main components: The bone, septum (cartilage inside the nose separating the two sides), the turbinates (function for breathing), the outer cartilages (giving shape to the nose), and the skin. Dr. Rust has expertise in working on the septum and the turbinates where he will perform a “septoplasty–reshaping of the septum” and radio frequency ablation of the turbinates–opening up the air passages even further. Dr. Lee will work with him in accessing the septum and shaping the nose afterward. They have worked on many satisfied patients since 2006 and are proud to offer this unique approach to patients in the Bay Area and northern California.

Dr. Gary Rust’s Office: Tel: (415) 626 4900 at 45 Castro Street, CPMC- Davies Campus, San Francisco, California.

Dr. Charles K. Lee’s Office: Tel: (415) 933 8330 at 2250 Hayes Street, Suite 508, San Francsico

Drs. Rust & Lee are members of Brown & Toland Medical Group and accept most insurances. Please call for details.