Nonsurgical Treatments

Non-surgical treatments for rejuvenation have become extremely common with the popularity of Botox, “Fillers,” and Lasers. These procedures have heightened awareness of options to rejuvenate the face through more simple and quick methods. However it is important to remember that these non-surgical treatments are exactly that: Non-Surgical, which means that means the results of non-surgical treatments should not be confused with surgical treatments. In general,  non surgical treatments result in more subtle changes and surgical treatments results in more dramatic changes. Non surgical treatments last in the order of months (depending on type of treatment), and surgical treatments last in the order of years.

Dr. Lee uses a combination of Botox, fillers, lasers, and radio frequency energy to specifically address areas of concern.  He will perform a careful evaluation to determine which options are best suited for the desired result. Dr. Lee only uses safe, proven products from Allergan, the leader in facial fillers and Botox; and uses the best, cutting edge lasers to treat to the skin.

Dr. Lee performs all nonsurgical injections and laser treatments himself at the L plastic surgery center; he does not delegate the responsibility of injecting Botox or fillers to anyone other than himself as he treats these procedures as importantly as any surgical procedure.  Though these treatments may seem simple, Dr. Lee firmly believes that his understanding of the surgical and 3-dimensional anatomy of the face and body allows him to provide the highest level of precision and expertise.

Indications for Botox:  wrinkle reduction around the forehead, eyebrows, eye

Indications for Filler (Juvederm):  hollowness around the side of the nose and lips (nasolabial folds), lower eyelid area

Indications for Laser: Fraxel Laser for fine wrinkles and acne scars; Spectra laser for pigment, melasma, and Tattoos; Dornier laser for facial blood vessels and spider and varicose veins

Indications for the Lutronic Infini radio frequency energy device: Fine wrinkles, skin tightening, acne scars, large pores.

Key concepts:  Botox, Juvederm, Fillers, Fraxel Laser, Spectra Laser, Spectra Peel, Q Switch Nd:YAG Laser, Infini Radio Frequency treatment

We are proud to open our Laser tattoo removal center at the famous Seventh Son Tattoo location in partnership with Luke Stewart.

Laser Light Specialists
65 Langton Street, San Francisco, California, 94103
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Dr. Lee will be working with a team of nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants–all top tier health care professionals–whom he has personally trained to use the Lutronic Spectra Laser (1064 nm Q-Swtiched Nd:YAG), the most efficient and powerful laser for tattoo removal.  Dr. Lee brings over a decade of laser experience and expertise to offer this cutting edge technology at this new location to provide the added convenience and artistic synergy with the tattoo artists at Seventh Son Tattoo.

I was suffering a lot from the pain of varicose veins. After the treatment, the pain disappeared and my legs feel so comfortable and it’s easy for me to walk. The staff was very kind and made me feel comfortable.

Dr. Lee and staff are great people. They are caring, kind, and compassionate. I felt they had my best interests at hand. I was well informed about the surgery and the recovery time by Dr. Lee. The staff were great to work with in scheduling and following through with all the paperwork. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!