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For more than a decade, our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Charles K. Lee, has treated many San Francisco, CA men and women in the Bay Area. With his team of seasoned medical professionals, Dr. Lee offers patients of all ages with face, body, breast, and skin plastic or reconstructive surgeries. He has nonsurgical aesthetic treatments available as well. As a highly regarded plastic surgeon for Asian eyelid surgery and microsurgeries of the hands and nerves, Dr. Lee believes we can rebuild and rejuvenate with safe techniques and aesthetically pleasing results. We offer this testimonial section of our website to you. We hope you will take the time to read through some of our current and former patient reviews.

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Review from S.T.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Nov 19, 2008

Dr. Lee is so nice and understanding. After taking a bad fall down some stairs (while I was a drunken mess, don't ask..) I had a really badly swollen black and blue thumb. While I thought I had a broken finger, I got some x-rays done the next morning (during my hangover, which I do NOT recommend). Which showed no sign of any broken or fractured bones. I was then referred to Dr. Lee, who took great care of me. The receptionists are really nice and beautiful, (this is a plastic surgery office after all). Dr. Lee was very on time, which I wasn't expecting after hearing from someone that they've waited a good 30 minutes for him to see them. He was very helpful and not judgmental at all. After he examined my thumb, carefully wrapped it up, and promised everything was going to be OK he said to make an appointment for a month from then and to not move it for that whole month. A month of no thumb?! But that's what separates us from the monkeys! Listening to Dr. Lee's advice when I saw him at my next appointment he told me everything was good to go! He said that it might hurt every once in awhile, and it does, but not to worry and if I had any questions or concerns not to hesitate to call.. Hopefully, I'll never have to see Dr. Lee again, but if I do, I wouldn't mind going back... More