Treatment of the Split Ear Lobe or Ear Lobe Deformity from Ear Rings

By January 3, 2011 September 12th, 2016 Cosmetic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery

A deformed ear lobe can be the cause of significant stress. The most common cause is the torn lobe from an acute injury where a large ear ring is mistaken for a handle by a baby. The other is the more chronic injury over time, where the lobe becomes torn from heavy ear lobe jewelery or becomes deformed from large, circular jewelery inside the lobe.

Each type of injury creates a different shape to the lobe and the good news is that the lobe can be repaired or reconstructed to appear close to normal. The key difference is that there may be slightly visible scars where the ear was torn or repaired. The overall shape of the lobe depends upon the amount of deformity or “stretch” to the lobe prior to the repair.

The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and may take 30-45 minutes per lobe to fix. You may return to work immediately afterward. Sutures are removed in 2-3 weeks.

The good news is that there is help available to treat your split or deformed ear lobe! Far too often, I have seen patients significantly distressed about not being able to find the appropriate treatment. Contact your local, board certified plastic surgeon who will be able to treat this condition.