What is Asian Cosmetic Surgery?

By November 29, 2008 July 29th, 2016 Uncategorized

Asian Cosmetic Surgery is plastic surgery that understands the anatomical differences of Asians and the different standards of “Beauty” that come from this understanding. This is a subtle, but very fundamental difference that can make an outcome good versus bad. Even though the exact same operation may have been performed between two individals, (Example: Asian versus Causasian) the expectation and the judgement of outcome can be entirely different. At its core, plastic surgery is the same, but in its different forms, there can be real and subtle differences.

For example, the eyelid operation (blepharoplasty) that is commonly performed on many Asians to create a more “Western” appearance (creation of a supratarsal crease) must keep in mind the different anatomy and expectation of the lid and crease position. Too often, I have seen the position of the lid and crease in a position that does not bring out the “beauty” of the eye. Instead, it is more a stylized attempt at trying to create a Caucasian eyelid on an Asian. Asian eyelids have specific charateristics, unique anatomy, and natural lines that should not be dramatically altered.

Performing Asian Cosmetic Surgery requires specific training and understanding of these ideals. I have personally spent time as a Visiting Professor at Seoul, Korea’s top Hospitals and Plastic Surgery practices, where Asian Cosmetic Surgery is considered the best in the world. I have learned from these superb surgeons and also lectured to their residents on topics in Plastic Surgery. These experiences, combined with practicing in a multicultural city like San Francisco, have allowed me to hone my skills to treat Asian who desire cosmetic surgery.